Sunday, May 31, 2015

Louie season 5

So Louie I have always felt is the rawest sitcom on tv, it is brutal, it is honest, and even when the show is surreal it pulls no punches. It is a sitcom almost stripped of all humor, Louis CK pretty much makes short indie films on his series, and they are brilliant.
Season 5 was a tad bit shorter than previous seasons, but it was possibly the best, and it delivered in shocks too. The first episode features a party with a possible cult, another party with a cunty stick up your ass lesbian couple that is using a girl as a surrogate whom Louie later fucks. The next features a young comic that isn't very good but adds a gimmick into his routine and takes off, as well as Louie's girlfriend Pamela and the two decide to become an open relationship couple, the show doesn't shy away from unconventional topics that the mainstream refuses to touch. The show highlights how rude & bitchy folks can be, whether they be young business owners or people that hate hearing the truth(and later beating innocent folks just trying to help). Michael Rapaport as a obnoxious cop that used to date his sister, he is the obnoxious friend yet you stick by him, and then must clean up his mess, we can all relate. Hell it he suffers heart break, deals with idiotic family members this show represents those of us that shake our head a the assholes of life, of course we can't all relate to surreal episodes but fuck it, cinefiles will love it! The final two episodes are the sort of film that Funny People should have been, showing the downsides of life on the road and the people that will annoy you, the people that want to change you, and death. I can't wait for season 6!

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