Friday, May 15, 2015

Mad Max Saga

The Mad Max trilogy was one of my favorite series growing up. I fell in love with flicks similar to it or inspired by, such as The Rover, and films that are a love letter to it such as Bellflower.  Here we are with the fourth in this kick ass series. The first is pretty much the Night of the Living Dead of the series, it is right at the beginning of the downfall. The Road Warrior is the Dawn showing what is happening after shit hit the fan. No, Thunderdome isn't the Day......moving on. Fury Road is the film Land of the Dead should have been, a long wait for fans but with a kick ass payoff!

1. Fury Road
Early to say but this could be my favorite in the franchise, it is non stop action, from beginning to end. Sometimes people complain that the trailer gives it all away, it reality for this film, there was no other way.

2. The Road Warrior
It takes the apocalyptic nature of the first but goes balls out for it, the end shows a glimpse of what the third one should have been, instead the fourth was the answer!

3. Mad Max
The original is pretty straight foward, a man on a mission, it steamrolls the entire film getting better and better until the finale where you know the sequel will be great.....and it is. In terms of escalation it lays the foundation, the Road Warrior steps it up a notch, and the third film should have been insame, instead that was Fury Road.

4. Beyond Thunderdome.
Okay, well this films looks awesome, it looks batshit, but it isn't batshit, in fact the plot.....kind of sucks. I don't hate this film like many but it isn't that good, makes sense since it wasn't originally supposed to be a Mad Max film.

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