Friday, May 29, 2015

San Andreas

It is refreshing to have a film where you can just turn off you mind relax & float down stream....a stream caused by a tsunami. San Andreas is a fun flick, it have moments way out of the realm of reality but oh well, it it fun, and that is what you need in a summer blockbuster. The Rock is charismatic as always and actually does a pretty good job delivering heartfelt dialogue. In a day & age where disaster films are all over the place because of Asylum & the SyFy channel, this stands out, sure a few others have come to theatres in recent years but none grabbed my attention, this one did, and i am glad it did. What works is the characters, you actually get a chance to know them and invest in them, there aren't too many films that do that in this genre, usually cause by over stuffing it with minor characters and red shirts, in this film the red shirts are everyone else. This is a disaster film on every level, people are getting smashed, being swept away, on fire, drowning, shit is happening in the background, they went all out, it is chaotic and it works Alot ironically watch SyFy flicks, or buy Asylum films on dvd packs and watch em that with this film, it is a great drunk with your buddies, cut loose & have fun flick. If ya smell what the cooking!

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