Sunday, May 31, 2015

RIP Betsy Palmer/MY Friday the 13th list

Besty Palmer left our world today at the age of 88, my thoughts go out to her family. Recently i watched all the Friday the 13th films,  here is my order for best in the franchise! 
Friday the 13th.
The first was seems like your basic 80s slasher, the kids that get killed off aren't totally unlikable and the make up is done by Tom Savini.
Friday the 13th 2.
The First with Jason as the killer, it too has a pretty decent line up of victims.
Friday the 13th 6 Jason Lives
I love the atmosphere of this one, has an old school horror vibe, especially in the cemetery. The look of Jason in this one is top notch in my opinion.
Friday the 13th 4 The Final Chapter
This one was to be the last, Tom Savini returned for the f/x and it has Corey Feldman as an aspiring mask/creature maker plus Crispin fucking Glover doing the dead fuck dance!
Friday the 13th 10 Jason X
Alot hate this one but i tons of fun with it, some of my favorite kills in a F13 film, plus come on, Jason in space!
Freddy vs Jason
Freddy Krueger vs Jason Voorhees....enough said
Friday the 13th 3
The 3D edition is fun but cheesey, plus his first with the hockey mask.
Friday the 13th 5 A New Beginning
This one too gets alot of hate, i love the balls out dirtiness of it.
Friday the 13th 9 Jason Goes to Hell: The Final Friday
I like that they did something different with this one, plus i would have loved to have been in the theatre when Freddy's hand first appears.
Friday the 13th 7 The New Blood
I used to hate this installment, and folks always said it is pretty much Jason vs Carrie which it is, but i enjoyed it alot this time around, love the mask less Jason .
Friday the 13th 8 Jason Takes Manhattan
Yeah this one i hate, always have. Though the moments with Jason just shoving folks in NYC are rather humorous.

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