Sunday, November 8, 2015

Bone Tomahawk

Wow, where to begin, this here is a fucking movie, you know that speech in True Romance, this is what i think of! Kurt Russell is kick ass as usual but in a way he hasn't been in a long time, Patrick Wilson is hitting a one two punch with this & Fargo, Richard Jenkins should be proud to add this to his resume, Mathew Fox does his best acting this side of Lost! The tension is perfect, the score adds alot to that, when bad shit happens or pain is being dished out, whether it be an injury or an attack, and it is that way for 2 hours. This is not a non stop action film, nor is it a slow burn, it is well paced but builds character, and when there is gore, holy hell it is awesome. Think of the old westerns of men on a mission, facing off with indians, only add in a cannibal factor, does it sound awesome? Hat is what this is! Rio Bravo meets Cannibal Holocaust , not saying it will be a all time classic like Rio Bravo nor is it as shocking as Cannibal Holocaust but it is a great fucking film! You know it is a great film when even David Arquette does good acting, plus it was cool to see genre favorites like Sean Young & Sid Haig pop up. If this film comes to an area near you, see it!

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