Sunday, November 22, 2015

Hunger Games Franchise Ranked

Okay so alot assume adapting a fantasy novel like Lord of the Rings led to the adaption of Harry Potter(both released in 2001) , yet Potter paved the way for young adult books, alot were a miss but along came the Hunger Games. and with that came the Mortal Instruments, Divergent & the Maze Runner. This weekend brings the final chapter in the Hunger Games, here is how i rank them.

1. The Hunger Games
At first i was against the film, a teen targeted version of Battle Royale? Pass, but then i saw it, and it got away with alot for a PG13 flick, and it was actually a damn good film.

2. Catching Fire
The first half i find super boring but once the games kick in, it becomes awesome.

3. Mockingjay 2
The first act i found boring as hell, the middle portion i liked the rebel revolution vibe but it still felt like the Maze Runner, a series i actually like more. The final act was a jumbled mess in my opinion,

4. Mockingjay
Boring as fuck....that is all....though it has hotties!

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