Thursday, November 19, 2015

THe Night Before

First off, i haven't laughed this hard in a theatre in a long ass time, probably since THis is the End, maybe even longer. Also there hasn't been an awesome mainstream christmas movie in a long ass time, but with this, Body & the upcoming Krampus, i feel we are on the right track. Seth Rogen knows his drugs, yes some of the hallucinations were a bit over done but 98% of his trip in the film felt legit. SO many times i will watch a film and the trip will be other worldly as in seeing shit everywhere, they are other worldly but in a experience sort of way, you go through shit, and that is what the characters o  through here. I have tripped alot, usually they are awesome, sometimes they are bad, when shit gets real it sucks, and Rogen's character faces that the entire film. Joseph Gordon Levitt is also highly relateable here, he faces alot of issues and carries the films heart. For a raunchy drug flick this film has heart, something most films involving Rogen have, you feel bad for JGL cause we have all been in his shoes. Anthony Mackie is the jock that befriended the nerds, and sticks by them, fame has his but he has a coming of age, as do the other two, Michael fucking Shannon is great as their pot dealer, Lizzy Caplan is as hot as always, bit parts for Mindy Kaling work, Jillian Bell is adorable, Ilana GLazer steals scenes, plus cameos from Miley Cyrus & James Franco were to perfection. THe humor does not miss a beat, the heart is warming and the message of friendship rings great bells. This is a awesome drug flick, an awesome comedy, ans awesome coming of age flick, and awesome christmas movie!

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