Friday, November 27, 2015

Me & Earl & the Dying Girl

Here is a film that could have been super sappy, it  looked like stuff like the Fault of Our Stars, and alot roped it in with them, i wanted to see it as it looked more along the lines of coming of age/depressed films like Perks of Being a Wallflower. As a matter of fact this would make a great double bill with Perks, alot of the themes carry over plus it is a film where you care about the characters. I relate alot to the lead, we wear the same jacket, make films, wear Dawn of the Dead merchandise, and fills a disconnect. The theme of friendship is strong, he has a friend Earl, that he considers a coworker as they make films, just so he wont have to have a legit friend. Rachel his mom forces his friendship upon, and yes it has the cliche aspects of a relationship but it never goes there, which is both refreshing and sad, you cherish their bond yet long for love. Through the trial & tribulations they build a friendship and truly begin to love each other, never romantically, until the end but that is never fully seen sadly. It is a tear jerker of a film and one hell of a crafted film, Wes Anderson inspiration is apparent. As for film itself, the film is full of nods to many films, the two leads make sweeded versions of classic cinema such as A Clockwork Orange & Midnight Cowboy, only with absurd plots & names. If you are a film fan, do not think it will be a sappy film, you will love it, if you mainly dig genre film, please do not write this off as a hipster film, you will appreciate to love of film that is put into it!

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