Thursday, November 26, 2015

Rocky Franchise

Some series should come to an end, some start off great, get a great follow up then they become something else. The Rocky series is a franchise like that. It goes from great to camp to solid.

1. Rocky
The orginal is a great sports film, and not just a sports film but a film about human condition The character of  Rocky is a paid good and not too bright yet he has heart and knows right from wrong but life is tough, and sometime you have to do bad shit and learn from it, roll with the punches, and roll with the punches he does. It is a film about defeat yet in that defeat you can win in life.

2. Rocky 2
A solid follow up and a reveral of a film, the second round if you will, the underdog story finally comes true.

3. Rocky 3
Rocky is unstopable it seems at this point and the series becomes camp, Hulk Hogan & Mr. T both ham it up, the character of Apolo Creed makes his "babyface" turn and he and ROcky form a tag team....yeah i went there.

4. Rocky 4
Even campier than 3, this one is pure 80's americana action, yet it is fun as fuck to watch.

5. Creed
In  time this might rank higher, but the nostolgic in me still places the first 4 above it, but this is easily the best since the first! It is its own story, with slight nods to the others, great acting, possibly the best written of the bunch too, not to mention best directed.

6. Rocky 6
This is a solid film and one that would make a perfect trilogy with the first two.

7. Rocky 5
I used to hate this film, it is not well written(but writing is not Sly's strong suit) and it can be dull at points but it is not awful, it is better than i remembered it to be.

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