Friday, November 27, 2015

The Final Girls

Here is a film i thought i would enjoy, not a film i thought i would love. It is a unique concept, a double bill of two 80's slashers, a fire happens, our lead characters get transported into the film. The cast is fantastic, it is a sold & cool ass cast, the music works for the decade and it celebratest the tropes of slashers and horror fandom in general. It is a film that is genuinely funny and it features pretty awesome effects, it lifts alot from the Friday the 13th franchise but all with tongue in cheek and a wink at the camera but not in a look at me sort of way that plenty of "grindhouse" movies  do, no sir, this does not try to be grindhouse, this is a comedy with characters in a 80;s slasher, so they play alot with the character types and run times of the film, only to fuck it up and hit the reset button. This is going to be a horror flick i will revisit quite a bit!

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