Sunday, November 15, 2015

Master of None

I used to love Aziz Ansari, i loved his stand up, loved him in his bit roles in films, and loved him of Parks & Rec, then he got a lil PC for me in real life. At first i had no interest in his new series, but upon seeing reviews i had to check it out, and that is something i am glad i did. This show is brilliant, one of the best sitcoms there is, possibly only to Louie and Silicon Valley, in alot of ways it reminds me of Louie. Only Louie is stripped of comedy at times and is a slice of life, this here keeps comedy at the core but has a great heart, a great heart with real issues & commentary without seeming heavy handed. Aziz himself is a standout, but Eric Wareheim is the shit on it too, as is the entire cast, even small parts by H Jon Benjamin still scenes, there was never a part i found dull and everything had i perfect pace.

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