Thursday, November 12, 2015

Human Centipede 3

Ugh, okay well the first in this series is good for "shock value" i use quotes as it is actually somewhat tame, just a gross matter, it is not a bad film but it is nothing i love, seen it three times each time was meh. The second had alot of censorship problems, and the meta aspect didn't work for me, only saw it once. So why watch the third? Because it is the final sequence.....i guess? BUt i found this film boring as shit, as boring as the shit that passes through the characters mouths THe uber meta story did nothing, at times it feels like a parody, only is doesn't know what to mock. This is like Paranormal Activity, each one gets worse, these aren't even shocking, it is forced grotesque images, nothing feels organic, shocks for the netflix generation.

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