Friday, September 2, 2016

Rob Zombie Ranked

Rob Zombie is an odd figure to discuss, he used to be defended by legions for the Devil's Rajects but has since become a target of hate, and i get a lot of it, but i really only hate one of his films, and even then, there is shit to respect.

1. The Devil's Rejects
This film blew me away in 2005, my favorite film that year, they way it was shot, the look of it, the setting, the characters(Rob has since to create such amazing characters), the violence, and a great soundtrack. The beauty of the film was them doing an about face, and for my non wrestling fan readers i will say it is when a good guy(face) and the bad guy(heel) switch spots. You begin to feel for the villains of the first film, and hate the cop, when they are saved it is a heroic moment......only to be followed by one of cinemas greatest scenes, set to Freebird, the blaze of glory death of the Fireflys.

2. House of 1000 Corpses
I hated this when i first saw it, but the trailer for Rejects made me want to revisit it, and i am so glad i did. This is a trip, the color scheme is fantastic, the inner cut scenes of Otis & Baby are brilliant, it combines fun with intensity really well, something else he has not been able to recapture.

3. Lords of Salem
I dug the whole Ken Russell vibe he was going for, it made for non just an interesting flick, but his second best(after Rejects). The music is haunting, the atmosphere has a great aesthetic and the acting is pretty solid(even for Sherry Moon). I think it tries too hard to be artsy but fuck it, was his vision, and he nailed it.

4. 31.
Farmilliar plot, friends go missing, get killed off, you know the drill, but with a twist. It is done as a game and if you survive they let you go....well the final scene shows our main killer going back after his final girl, and yet agian the music tells the story and we are left guessing what happens in a stroke of brilliance.....brilliance in an other wise straight to video feeling flick. Not STV in the way Trick R Treat was, or countless others where the distrubtor just dumped it and it was picked up by a stv only distributor, no this has early 00's Lionsgate on it. Had his name not been on it, folks would not be jizzing over it.

5. Halloween
I should hate this film, but i don't, but each time i have seen it, i find something to like, and two things to hate. I think it was perfectly cast, i really do, i like the adult stuff with Myers killing, but the first part, not a fan of, i don't want to feel for Michael.

6. The Haunted World of El Superbeasto
Not much to say about this one, it was fun, but forgettable, the comic is better.

7. Halloween 2
Fuck this movie, fuck the white horse, fuck the crap Rocky Horror non sense, fuck Strode, fuck ghost mom, fuck lil jedi Michael, fuck the Hot Topic girls that for some reason work at a hipster coffee shop. This films sucks....but i respect the weirdness.

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