Friday, September 16, 2016

Blair Witch

I was 11 when the first Blair Witch came out, i had seen plenty of horror by that point yet wasn't allowed to see it because it was "snuff". I wound up seeing it once it hit vhs, i had also seen all the fake docs about the "real witch". The film itself scared me at the time, but over the years has lost the luster, mainly because all it is, is walking. THe marketing was the best part, it was brilliant, a head of its time, and changed the landscape. The sequel, is underrated, it is fun, i dig it, nothing special. Now take elements of the sequel, take the plot of the first, combine them, but this time, the characters are searching for the first film's characters, and you have Blair Witch, From Adam Wingard, the genius behind A Horrible Way to Die, You're Next, and the BRILLIANT THe Guest, comes a film that doesn't compare to the rest of his work. It is fun, especially if you are seeing it with friends and can laugh at it, though to be fair, some may be shit scared, i saw it, i laughed, good times. For a BLair Witch film, it is great, formula of the first but with a twist, for a Wingard film, not so much, but i will say that a few times, i thought they were going to go all Evil Dead on us, it was somewhat hinted at a few times, and the homages to it were spot on. It is a basic film, one that an up & comer should have made, Wingard may be an up & comer, but he has his own voice,  but i do think it is cool how the film went about. THe former The Woods, was actually this Blair Witch sequel, so it took  the 10 Cloverfield Lane route, but non intentional i am sure as the Woods was in production before folks new a Cloverfield "sequel" was in the works.

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