Saturday, September 10, 2016

Jane Got a Gun

I was hooked by the poster, title, and star of this film, and i thought the trailer was well done, ultimately it is a good film but feels like a mid 90s to mid 00s western, it plays it safe, i wanted spaghetti for dinner damnit. All the acting is good, and the shoot outs are well shot(rim shot) but it feels more of a throwback to westerns of the 40s & 50s, not that i am not a fan, i love the Man Who Shot Liberty Valance, but i think if this film wanted more critical praise and a wider audience, that it should not have played it as safe as it did. Granted when Jane finally gets her vengeance, it is worth it, but up until that moment, it feels like a John Ford RKO Picture. It went by under the radar, which it doesn't deserve, and it does deserve better reviews than it has received, i just think we were left wanting more.

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