Sunday, September 25, 2016

Magnificent Seven(spoilers)

I see alot saying why remake the Magnificent Seven, these same people do not realize that the original is Seven Samurai. I also see alot of reviews saying it is too slick, and popcorn. We kind of need that is a western, why get the same aesthetic every time?  Some reviews are saying it is a hollywood western & is certainly hollywood, and while not edgy, it isn't fully safe. Characters die, i was glad, not because i hated the characters, but because Hollywood liked heroes to live, in real life, they die. To me a safe western, is boring shit like Open Range, this here was fun, a lot of fun, and for a western it was needed. I love most westerns from the past 10 years but this one was lighter. Everyone does a great job, especially Vincent D'Onofrio, he stole the show, he ran with his role! The action is good, it is well shot, and it is a perfect Sunday movie!

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