Sunday, September 18, 2016

Hell or High Water

Almost a year ago I was blown away by Sicario, Taylor Sheridan, the same writer, has now brought us Hell or High Water. While not as intense as Sicario, it is equally as good. Chris Pine delivers his best performance, Ben Foster yet again proves why is is one of the best in the game today(and highly overlooked), Jeff Bridges gives his best in years, Gil Birmingham may be the best part, hell even the minor parts all knock it out of the park. Some of the best shoot outs this year, if not the best. You can take this, Sicario, Prisoners, The Departed, Bone Tomahawk, and be glad that adult cinema is still alive. This is a modern western, and one of the best(Bone Tomahawk is numero uno), and i think will remain one of the best, and I am glad they are making a comeback, they are a great genre.  The film itself is simple, yet highly effective, this is a great film, try to catch it before it leaves the cinema!

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