Sunday, September 18, 2016


I am not a big fan of Andy Samberg, like at all, i want to punch him most of the time. I like a few of his SNL Digital Shorts, but i wasn't a fan of most of his other segments on the series. None of his starrign film roles have done anything for me, his series, Brooklyn Nine Nine, I can't get into at all, so I was in no rush to see Popstar. I thought it was pretty damn funny, like it surprised me how funny it was, the cameos all work, the jokes all hit, Justin Timberlake steals the show, go figure, and it felt like a great mocumentary. Is it as good as Spinal Tap? No, is it as good as Walk Hard(another cameo filled comedy)? I would say on par atleast. Am i now a Samberg fan? Not perse, but i respect him enough, this is a fast watch and gives great laughs.

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