Saturday, September 17, 2016

Morris From America

Morris From America is the best coming of age film this year, not that there have been many, but so far, this takes it, and i am sure still will by the end of the year, unless you count Swiss Army Man, but to me that is more spiraling in & out of sanity. This a fish out of water tale, a black kid living in Germany, he gets fucked with there(yet only the US is full of dicks i thought), he doesn't play basketball, he doesn't dance, so the Germans are confused as to his stereotype. His is an aspiring rapper, so was his dad, Craig Robinson, a former soccer player turned coach, delivering his second great performance this year along with Mr, Robot. Morris meets a girl, smokes pot, drinks, takes Ex(well not really), and gets kicked out of his youth group. Curtis(Robinson) is falling apart raising his son after the death of his wife, and you feel for him, cause Morris can be a little shit, but not enough where you don't feel for him, when good shit happens to him, you feel happy. Super cool moments include water fountains in a park shooting off during a moment with his crush, or going to a museum and everyone bobbing their head to his music, including painting and sculptures. The stand out for me was Carla Juri as his German Language tutor, she nails the role as the lady guiding Morris through his experiences, watching his back, and just being adorable. The music is fantastic, every song feels well placed, and it is shot beautifully.

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