Sunday, January 15, 2017

Live By Night

Ben Affleck had an amazing directorial run, for his first three films he kept topping the previous film. Gone Baby Gone was a solid debut, his follow up was the Town and that showed he had more chops, it was a pretty intense crime flick, bigger in scope and a tighter film. With Argo, he blew them all out of the water. It is a masterpiece, in every capacity, he waited four years for his next picture, and he had huge shoes to fill. I think most critics new that, yet a lot still seem to to have gone in wanting more. I  think Argo will always be his masterpiece, i didn't expect Live By Night to top it, in terms of enjoyment or artistry. I went in, just wanting a good film, and i got that. There are a few moments at the end that could have been cut or trimmed up a bit, but over all it was great. Affleck knows how to do crime films, this was a great story of a man stuck in a mob war, and deals alot with race relations, legalization, and making your own path. Affleck is an intelligent man, and made an intelligent film, a film that also happens to have some brilliant gangster violence. I honestly would put this as his second best and my second favorite of his. It is no Argo, it could never be, but this is a great Crime film.

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