Saturday, January 7, 2017

The OA

So many shows these days try to be smart, and fail, yet their fans preach how intelligent they really are.  Now I may fall into that category with LOST, but the thing is, most people gave up on lost for being "confusing".  Now there is a series that has all the modern "did you watch" along with the brilliance of the mindfuckery of LOST, the OA is a great show, a show with brilliant ideas, and a show that looks great and has great acting .There are characters you hate, characters you feel for and ideas that make you think. Their theory on the afterlife fits in with my views, multiple dimensions. I hope season 2 delves more into the afterlife, if we get a second season. Because the end is left open, is she telling the truth, is she nuts, did she find Homer, did she imagine Homer. Did the five movements actually work? I hope she is telling the truth, just so we can see the afterlife again, and see a possible multiverse or a weird other worldly dimension. I have been a fan of Brit Marling since Another Earth, and this is my favorite thing she has worked on since that film!

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