Thursday, January 19, 2017

Split: SPOILERS, DO NOT READ, In short, the film was fantastic! There, now see it and enjoy.

Fucking, i bet you still clicked this, dammit, why, X off, unless you have seen it, then i suppose, am i fucking right? Right? Fucking excellent film, there, now you don't have to read the rest, but back to you that saw it, fucking whoa. James McAvoy is brilliant in this, superb, like this film is going to be ranked high and the end of the year, and a lot of that is due to McAvoy, he is that good, a career performance in my book! It is a shame the film came out in January, as if this came out in September(a former dump month) or later in the year, it could be up for Best Actor come the 2018 Oscars. Some say the February is no longer a dump month because of the Lego Movie, Kingsman, 50 Shades, and now John Wick. With this film in the first month of the year, it leaves solid cinema a chance at all 12 months. This is better than your usual January release, this is better than blockbuster month releases, this is better than a Halloween season release, this here is a film deserving of a November or December release. This is one of the best films of the last 2 years, no joke, and not just genre films. You may be asking, why did he say spoiler, well i won't break your heart, get the fuck out, there is a glass ceiling, you are now dead, well atleast your body is injured, you may be crippled, there, enough hints, no don't read it again, you fool, you just got the spoiler, it's over, go home, go......I am serious, go read a comic book, read it, go to bed, work, whatever, then go and see Split, this spoiler is coming. The actresses in this film, every single one, Jessica Sula & Haley Lu Richardson, have small parts, but they give it their all for a horror flick. Betty Buckley as the shrink is perfect, but the stand out is Anya Taylor Joy, she is a great character to be stuck with. I should have said the stand out of the supporting characters, because the best of the main characters, is James McAvoy, he acts along himself is a cast of characters stuck in a guy's body. Most actors would have portrayed this in a hokey way or not taken it too seriously because of M Night Shyamalan, but he has proven he can direct an amazing performance, the best performance he has directed, is in this film. McAvoy's split personalities are all so different. He portrays them so wel, whether it be his voice, his posture or his face. His face is glorious, the way he goes from one character to the next is phenomenal, you legit believe these are all different people. The film has an aura of creepiness to it, it looks great, like an artsy exploitation film, or better yet, it is reminiscent of Silence of the Lambs in terms of the aesthetic and in terms of a career defining roll. To me not only is this career making for James McAvoy, but it is also defining for M Night himself. He has directed his masterpiece, and who knew it would be the freaky version of Kimmy Schmidt......seriously, leave now, i gave you the answer. Anyhow, this is indeed his best film easily his best since Unbreakable, but in a rare TWIST, this film is superior. Okay, i just slapped you and you didn't get hurt.....go away. Praying with Anger and Wide Awake were solid films small films but then he came into his own with the Sixth Sense, a great movie, but that is his box office & critical favorite. The cult sensation was Unbreakable, a pre superhero, super hero film, in my mind it was his masterpiece, and now it shares that title, almost like a companion piece. I honestly think Signs is great too, to me it is better than the Sixth Sense, sadly it was his last great film. The Village was intriguing yet lackluster, Lady is the Water looked great but was stupid, speaking of stupid, hello the Happening. The Last Airbender honestly is not as bad as people say, but then again i am not a fan of the source material, yes i know i lost all credibility, fuck off, i have only seen it once, never plan to see it a second time, you know that is bad? After Earth, now that is bad, again looks cool but pretty dull. He decided to go back to non blockbusters, and he did so greatly in the Visit, but it wasn't a great film. Behold his return to greatness! This is tremendous, the way McAvoy runs with the role, the way you fear for the girls, the way the case study makes you think, the horror in the final 10 minutes, the beast being unleashed. McAvoy makes you pity some characters and fear others, the build up to the end is perfect, straight up werewolf film without the werewolf. A film with brains, and heart, the emotion in the flashbacks alone make you hate society and feel fear. The  film has plenty of fear, but non in a jump scare way, but rather in how sick some people are, and not talking about McAvoy, but just "normal" guys and how perverse people are and how bad some kids have it. The brutality of the kills, the flashes of gore and the claustrophobic nature of a certain murder, give it the horror cred.  The ideas body chemistry are incredible, and that final transformation brought the film to a new level, an idea David Cronenberg would love.. By no means is this a slow burn, this is a delicious meal that has that extra punch of flavor in the last bite, but even better because once the meal is done, you find one last bite, and this is a bite you have been wanting for 16 years. Cause once the captured women flick mixed with a psychological drama turns into a full on horror film, it then celebrates it true cinephile geekiness and turns into a superhero film. Now this film was perfect in ever moment i thought, and i loved it but thought, what happens now at the end but was okay not knowing. If there is not a sequel, oh well, but we know there will be one, but even if these characters don't reappear, well maybe atleast one will, will it be the Beast or will it be Casey, i wish for both but accept neither. You see this could be an origin story, a way for us to meet Casey for if she pops up in a sequel to another film, maybe she assists someone against the Beast & the Horde because of her experience with them in this motion picture. Perhaps this is the prequel comic showing how a villain in a possible upcoming non comic book superhero film came to be. Because this film ends, we fade to black, and see the title of the film, we have seen Split, but wait...there's more, this film has a stinger, a stinger that puts it in a universe, do not even consider it part of the film if you don't want to, because our film is all said and done, this stinger is an idea of things to come, things to come from M Night's beautiful mind. It may not be until 2020, but fuck it, i really hope we get Unbreakable 2, but if we don't, then the singer here, makes up for it. M Night has long gestured a sequel, and in a way, it was announced here, that we will see the Beast take on David Dunn! How do we know this, because brace your pretty ass up, after you see this amazing film, the stinger fucking drops us smack dad into Dunn eating at a diner, this film & Unbreakable are in the same universe, mother fuckers, we might be getting Unbreakable 2!

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