Thursday, January 26, 2017

Resident Evil: The Final Chapter

Growing up, i was never a big fan of the Resident Evil games, still am not a fan, i hated the controls. I had a RE action figure though, my uncle had bought me, as documented here my uncle got me on my path for film, and especially zombie movies. So being a fan, I had seen George Romero's Dead trilogy. I wasn't hip on directors quite yet, i was only 12 or 13, but when my uncle told me Romero had been in talks to direct the Resident Evil movie, i was stoked. Then it never happened, Paul W.S. Anderson, not Wes Anderson, not Paul Thomas Anderson, but Paul W.S. Anderson, had the reigns. He didn't do a terrible job, i actually though he did a good job, the sequels, well Apocalypse is not as good but still was fun, Extinction wasn't as good, nor was it as fun, Afterlife was a bad film, but was still a lil fun, Retribution, was neither good nor fun. Each film got worse, now i know at certain times, i wasn't really feeling these films when i saw them, for personal reasons going on in life, so maybe that affected my thoughts, i seriously might rewatch these, as the only 2 i have seen more than once, are the first two. The Final Chapter, is so bad, it is fun, that along with me expecting it to be awful, shoots it above the last two, hell, i would probably rank it above the third, maybe eveb the second. I am not going to rank em, as i truly don't care, but i had fun with this crappy flick.

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