Sunday, January 8, 2017

A Monster Calls

Wow, this was an amazing film. The trailer makes it look like a better version of the Big Fucking Giant, but no, it is almost as if Guilermo Del Toro did a kids film. which is fitting since Del Toro produced The Orphanage, and the director of that, JA Bayona did a brilliant job here. I can relate to the main character, he is an outcast, as outcast in both school and in his family. His one close family member is his mom, she has cancer, so he imagines a tree being a monster, a monster that tlls him tales, tales that confuse him yet make us pander life, a life that is beautiful & ugly all at once. You laothe the bullies, you are glad when the bullies get what is coming to  them, yet through the tales you find out life isn't fair. You hate his grandmother(played brilliantly by Sigourney Weaver) and are glad to see this pristine bitch get her she destroyed, yet you feel for her. She is doing what she thinks is best with all her heart. The lead actor is great, Lewis MacDougall is fantastic, and only at 15 will only get better with age. Thirty or so minutes in, you tear up, this is a fun flick, yet a sad one, several moments will make you cry, the heartstrings are pulled greatly, and in poetic ways, almost as poetic as the way the film is shot. Wow, the cuts, the sounds, the visuals, the animation, the acting, everything is on point here, this may be the second best film of the year behind LaLa Land, it is that good. Genre fans will love it, art house fans, will hopefully love it, this is brilliant cinema!

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