Monday, January 16, 2017

Darren Lynn Bousman Double Bill. Devil's Carnival 2 & Abattoir

A decade ago Darren Lynn Bousman was a director to watch, he was knocking out the Saws films, gave us Repo The Genetic Opera, and brought us some highly underrated films such ass 11 11 11, Mothers Day & even The Barrens. The same year as the Barrens he gave us his masterpiece, the Devil's Carnival, sadly since then, his work has stalled out, sure there are anthologies such as Tales of Halloween, but i think doing so many projects at one time got to him, and in doing so not everything would work. Abattoir is a solid film, one of his best honestly, yet it feels like such a director for hire project. His musicals are where he succeeds but sadly i think he took too long to get the sequel to the Devil's Carnival, years ago the fan base was small yet rabid, now it was released with little fan fair, the film itself is longer but feels empty. I hope the supposed final chapter is all out insanity and feels the film Bousman wanted to give us.

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