Saturday, January 28, 2017

Favorite T.V. Shows of the Year

There were way too many shows in 2016, at the beginning of 2017 I tried to watch as many pilots as I could, and some were good, but the second episodes were more meh. The top 20 i legit watched as they aired, well except Love & Portlandia, waited a couple months for Love, for some stupid reason, and waited for the latest Portlandia to hit netflix.

1.   Stranger Things
What is Steven Spielberg produced a film directed & scored by John Carpenter, with touches of Stephen King, that is this GLORIOUS, piece of geekdom with received this past summer.

2.   Mr. Robot
A lot of times a series gets acclaim and then the following season it caters too much to critics, Mr.  Robot is not that show. It got so much acclaim season 1, but went super bonkers in season 2!

3.   Evil Dead
The first season was awesome, but the second season blew it all away, this was the Evil Dead 2 of T.V. shows, it was super over the top, full of splatstick humor and fan service!

4.   Silicon Valley
Easily the BEST sitcom at the moment, plus the funniest!

5.   Good Place
Thankfully this show is single handedly saving Network Sitcoms, a great NBC series that lets you cuss like a sailor, because you can not cuss.

6.   It's Always Sunny
Second funniest show on  the air, last season was possibly the best all around season they have had!

7.   Orange is the New Black
Speaking of best seasons, in my opinion, this was the best season for the series yet!

8.   Portlandia
Previous years i have not included this as i put it more as a sketch comedy series, but it has fully morphed into a sitcom!

9.   Gotham
The show keeps getting pulpier & pulpier!

10. The Night Of
The most intense show of the year!

11. Daredevil
If only all the other Marvel shows could be this good, better than season 1.

12. Game Of Thrones
No joke, I almost gave up the show this season, the first few were that boring, but the second half, so made up for it!

13. The O.A.
Think of it as Stranger Thing's weirder cousin. The ideas in it compare with ideas of the afterlife that i too share!

14. Simpsons
While not as good as last season(o far) it still beats what we were gettign 5 years ago.

15. X Files
I wish for the 6 episode run, that more of the episodes were connected, but  loved both the mythology episodes and the monster of the week episodes.

16. Lucifer
Formulaic? Yes! Fun? Yes! All that matters, this & Gotham are DC's best series.

17. Workaholics
Best season since the first!

18. Man Seeking Woman
Such a weird & brilliant sitcom!

19. Love
The best thing Judd Apatow has done since his productions of 2008.

20. Vinyl
Fuck, i wish this show had caught on, so fucking good!

21. Atlanta
This show isn't ranked low, i just think i would rewatch the others first. Donald Glover is brilliant!

22. Vice Principals
Walton Goggins & Danny McBride's chemistry can not be touched.

23. Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt
Began this show this year, watched both seasons together, what a bonkers series this is!

24. High Maintenance
The original web series is better, but this is a solid show.

25. The People vs OJ Simpson
The pilot alone is worth it....the rest not so much, mush like most series. However i finished this one.

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