Sunday, January 29, 2017

10 Men That Could win the Royal Rumble

Before last night I would have had Shinsuke Nakamura on this list, honestly at number two, but whether the injury he sustained last night was legit or a work, i think it takes him out of the Rumble regardless.

1. The Undertaker
It is highly fitting, though I would have preferred him as a surprise entrant. You have Brock Lesnar & Bill Goldberg going at it when dong, the lights go out, Taker gets in the ring and eliminates both men, not that still could happen but it will lack that shock. Taker is a guy that could go against Kevin Owens, Roman Reigns, but even more so AJ Styles or John Cena, and those matches could go either way. He puts them over or he retires as champion. Him against Reigns or Cena would make Vince happy, going against KO or AJ would make us happy. Cena is the most deserving of the honor but I am going with AJ vs Taker.

2. Samoa Joe
Here is another guy that could face any of the possible champions, he & Owens have unfinished business, he and AJ have a long history. If it is Roman, the Samoan vs Samoan feud writes itself, but the big one, yet again, is John Cena, that is a money feud, and one i think we will get at Mania, but I see it not being for the title.

3. Chris Jericho
If KO beats Roman, then Jericho has a great chance of winning. In his long accomplished career he had never won the Rumble, tonight could be his chance. His feud with Owens will not need he title, which is why I see Owens dropping the belt, and Jericho not getting his moment that he should have got in 2012.

4. Randy Orton or Bray Wyatt
These are two good possibilities, whether it is Orton or Bray winning, the other could win the WWE Title at Elimination Chamber, setting up the feud with the two Wyatts

5. Luke Harper
Everyone thinks Braun Strowman has a great chance, I think Luke Harper is the Wyatt with the best chance not named Randy Orton or Bray Wyatt. It would be huge, he gets the win that Randy & Bray wanted, and proves he isn't the weak link. Randy or Bray could even win at the Chamber setting up a triple threat.

6. Sami Zayn
I know, I know.....I know, we have seen Owens vs Zayn too many times the past year, and everyone wants them to be away from each other, I do too, but this would be poetic. Owens as the friend that stabbed Sami in the back, going on to bigger and better  things while Zayn floats around. Winning the RR would be the classic underdog story plus a classic Mania build up and match, the likes we haven't seen since Edge & Jericho. They have history, they have chemistry, it would be a perfect end to the feud, with Owens shaking his hand post match.

7. The Miz
I am a Miz mark, I love him, and 2016 was his year, the dude's main event run years ago was brilliant, last year was the restart. Imagine him winning, it reverses the heel GM, babyface being held down but with the face Daniel Bryan being bested by the heel Miz. He could face Cena one more time, their first major rivalry in 6 years or a babyface AJ Styles. Him winning the Rumble and gloating while Bryan looks on would only be topped by him winning the WWE Championship for his second time!

8.   Bobby Roode
It would be GLORIOUS, imagine one night after winning the NXT Title, that he wins the Royal Rumble, he would have to be Smackdown, as I could not see him facing Roman or KO. John Cena is possible but what if, AJ Styles & John Cena shake hands, what if Roode and Styles are in the WWE Title match at Wrestlemania? Dixie Carter would be a mess, and Vince would be laughing to the bank!

9.   Dolph Ziggler
With as many losses he has had in the past year, plus his new heel turn, Ziggler winning could be the next step. He wins the Rumble, is now back on top, his ego goes through the roof, and if he faces John Cena, the amount of material with Nikki Bella could keep it going and gain a lot of heat.

10. Kofi Kingston
This one is a long shot, but I always hold out hope for the day Kofi wins the Rumble or Money in the Bank, he has improved on the mic, is insanely over and is great in the ring. New Day is coming to an end soon, and this is a perfect way. He wins, Xavier Woods & Big E both claim to be going to Mania as well, Kofi says, that was a joke, and it is his time. You could go two ways here, a triple threat at Fastlane with Big E winning giving him the rub, Kofi goes on to face Kevin Owens, or Kofi faces Roman Reigns, Woods & Big E come out, Woods gets on the apron, distracts the ref, everyone thinks Big E is going to attack Kingston, but instead helps him win the title and heel New Day is back,

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