Tuesday, August 25, 2015


Body is a new classic christmas horror film, it begins on Christmas Eve's Eve at Mel's(Lauren Molina) house, she is with her two best friends, Holly & Cali(Helen Rogers & Alexandra Turshen) smoking pot, playing games and eating snacks when Cali tells them they should party at her uncles house since he is out of town, now the house may or may not be someone elses house and upon being caught in a place they don't belong, the girls make a huge mistake. Said mistake leads to some real questions, do we cover this up, tell the truth, lie, and shit snowballs from there. The three beauties do a great job acting as does Larry Fessenden as per usual, the tension is great but it also has dashes of humor, humor that actually works. This is a great film, i hope people discover it and love it as much as i did.

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