Sunday, August 9, 2015

The Gift

So The Gift is that happens when you take a plot that should be on lifetime and add in a super high creepy factor. The film keeps you uneased the entire run, the director, Joel Edgerton also plays Gordo, the old classmate of Jason Bateman's Simon, and from the moment we meet him, he is Straight Outta Creepton. He gives Gifts(spoilers), he shows up at odd times, breaks in, he lies about his job & family, and seems to   be highly unstable, well we found out why through out the film. Now he may have been fucked up before running into Simon in high school but Simon exacerbated his problems, you see Simon is Straight Outta Assholeton, and it shows from the moment we meet him. This is a yuppy ass bitch that you want to see get put in his place. His wife is super sweet but Straight Outta Naiveton. It moves at a great pace and seems to be inspired by Italian & French horror, but at the core it is still a Lifetime movie, an arthouse Lifetime movie, not that it seems like an art film, but come one, fuck Lifetime, i am trying to praise this  film.....Creepy Lifetime! Well alot of Lifetime is creepy but they blow dogs for quarters, this here, does not. The acting is great and it builds suspense well, even if it does use jum scares, but the brilliant thing is, it knows it is toying with the audience, plus it trolls us by having an open ended finale.

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