Sunday, August 16, 2015


Zombeavers is a perfect netflix flick, it is a horror comedy, a zombie comedy more specifically, and in doing so it combines sex humor, redneck cliches, felt like it would dabble on pot humor but all we see is a leaf, there are boobs, booze & puns. The beaver's look terrible, the effects are crap but who cares, it is fun as fuck. This a flick you can watch with your buddies with some beers & pizza, you can mock it or you can just enjoy, i mean it isn't so bad it is good, it is just a stupid & fun zombie flick with boobs & blood! What more can you ask for? Likable characters, shut it, you celebrate the deaths, plus the chicks are hot. As for the end, i loved how it looked like a brutal horror film, played the tropes well...then the final shot perfectly book ends the start! Oh yeah and the song over the credits is gold! Bring on Zombees!

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