Wednesday, August 5, 2015

Mission Impossible Franchise ranked

For almost 20 years Ethan Hunt has been taking us on Impossible Missions let us look back at the best of the franchise.

1. Mission Impossible Ghost Protocol.
This film had the best development of characters, the best chemistry, and it looked like everyone was having a blast on the set. Funny that a animation director in Brad Bird would deliver the best action of the entire franchise. Plus it has one of my favorite openings in action movies, the way it cuts into the theme song felt so organic & kick ass.

2. Mission Impossible 3
This is the film that made me a fan of the franchise, JJ Abrams brought me into it with his show Lost, but the franchise took on a new life ever since Bad Robot became the production company plus it has the best villain in the series with Phillip Seymour Hoffman, oh plus Simon Pegg in it for the first time!

3. Rogue Nation
This one may not be the best shot or have the best villains but it is a close second the the first &  third respectively on that front. Ghost Protocol may still be the funnest entry but this one is just as fun, i think the main reason it does not dethrone it, is because alot of the film is super contrived.

4. Mission Impossible
This one has grown on me, it is very much a Brian De Palma film, his stamp is all over it, and it is a tad cheesy too. Possibly the best shot of the series!

5. Mission Impossible 2
John Woo put his mark all over this film, it is action movie goodness and it's most bang & pow atleast for early 00's cinema.

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