Tuesday, August 25, 2015

Some Kind of Hate

Some Kind Of Hate is billed as a slasher film, and it is, however the film is a slasher that tries too hard to be mean spirited, and by that i don't mean things characters do to each other, all slashers have pricks, but this just does not seem to know how to have fun. It is a well made film and has quite a cool concept, a bullied girl that died at a camp for troubled kids(see Friday the 13th part 5) comes back and takes her vengeance on those bullying a new kid at camp. The way she does so is by cutting herself, every cut on her becomes a cut on her victim. It is a good film but i want my slashers to be films you can watch and clap for the deaths, this film had good deaths but the film is so darkly toned(the bullied emo girl that used to be a cheerleader, the bullied goth metal head) that it almost feels forced.

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