Sunday, August 2, 2015

Wet Hot American Summer

When Reno 911 came out i became aware of a comedy troupe known as the State, as soon as Comedy Central played Wet Hot American Summer i fell in love. To me, to this day it is the second funniest film ever made, right behind Anchorman. 14 years later we get the series, and thank you Netflix for doing so! The show is a gift to the fans, the basis for certain characters, the arkcs the connected characters, and most importantly the soul & heart of the film are alive & well, this show was well worth it. I usually do not binge watch shows, but i devoted 4 hours for this glorious occasion. From the opening credits i was celebrating the fact that instead of 8 half hour episodes, it felt like a 4 hour long film, a 4 hour long film with no pacing issues. The hours flew by as we watched Coop try to chase his "girlfriend" be toyed with and almost try a threesome, all to catch the eye of Katie. We watched Katie gain the affection of Andy which started a war between Camp Firewood & Camp Tigerclaw. We saw Victor show his virginity & Neil lose his, we saw Ben & McKinley fall in love, Gene & Gail fall out of love and see Gail fall for Ron. We saw the can of vegetables die as a human and respawn, we saw the Beekeeper never bathe, we saw Beth & Henry begin something special, we saw Lindsay become a teen after being an adult and Abby get her period into womanhood, Steve got more screentime plus JJ, Gary & Susie all got their spots as well did plenty of new comers into the fold, the bit parts were great, Jon Hamm, Chris Pine, Jason Schwartzman Kristen Wiig, Randall Park, Lake Bell, Michael Cera, Rob Huebel(in a small part), and Weird Al were all awesome. The sight gags & word play were top notch and did not disappoint me one bit, this universe is right up my Community loving alley. I hope for a second season that shows what they all do at 9:30 10 years later!

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