Thursday, August 13, 2015

The Stanford Prison Experiment

I had read stories on the Stanford Prison Experiment years ago, then the film with Adrian Brody & Forest Whitaker came out, i loved it, i thought it was awesome, although it was totally done as an action film. I then had the see the original Das Experiment from Germany, basically the same with a few differences here & there, but i preferred the US one overall. Well now here comes the art house version......well sort of art house, the one with more art house cred is fucking AMAZING!!!! I loved this film so much, my boy Ezra Miller is fantastic yet again, Hell everyone in this film delivers a knockout, you feel so much pain for the prisoners, you just want to punch the guards, and you find the people running it to be sick.Do characters redeem themselves? Well they try, but you know exactly what they did, now what if the tables were turned and the prisoners were the guards from the beginning and vice versa? Well who knows, human nature is odd, and this film shows it perfectly. It may have been set in the 70s but it feels like a film of the 70s, it has that counter culture, anti authoritarian vibe going on, and it is damn near perfect. If it shows how guards in real prisons treat prisoners, then yes it is sad & pathetic, if it is just an experiment, then it shows how corrupt people can be, but to me, this film shows both.  It is a fucked up flick, with no gore, it is fucked up in the sense of people are dangerous.

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