Thursday, February 16, 2017

A Cure For Wellness

A Cure For Wellness is a Cure for Gore Verbinski! The dude has always made solid flicks(well maybe not the past decade) but has always come off as a studio director for hire. Now he has a film with a vision, a film with atmosphere, a film he directed the fuck out of! If Richard Matheson wrote a book, a book that Stanley Kubrick wanted to direct but never did. If Richard Kelly decided to adapt it in tribute to Kubrick but wanted Terry Gilliam to direct, plus Damon Lindelof produced it along with Zack Snyder being the Director of Photography, then this would be that film. Congrats Gore, you made a compelling film, an unnerving film, a film with shades of Ken Russell, and yes, this film is, as i mentioned unnerving. It build up slow, but not with a slow pace, it lure you in, you take your hit of acid, and wait, then you feel it, and it is great, you don't know what to expect, then blood & fire, oh yes, the come down period. This film is an acid trip of a film, and i would love to trip while watching this, and fully intend to actually do so in the future. The plot even deals with experimental drops on the tongue, and is full of 60s psychobabble quack doctors. The acting is great, the art direction is beautiful, the cinematography is gorgeous, the set design & costuming is top notch, the effects are fantastic.....why the fuck is this rotten on Rotten Tomatoes? I loved every single second of this film, and it fully inspired me, it reignited the passion i have been losing, as a matter of fact, this is the third film from 2017 to do so, along with Split & John Wick, this year has been amazing for films so far!This is the type of film i wanted to make a decade ago, i was highly influenced by Lost, Donnie Darko, 12 Monkeys, Eraserhead, A Clockwork Orange, and other mind fuckish & mind altering films. I don't care, i found this to be perfect! THe marketing, not so much, some ads are saying you will have trouble sleeping, many will go in expecting a satanic or supernatural film, but it is scarier than that, it is about the human mind, and the sick fucks that populate this planet. Now i am going to eat an orange, go to sleep and have amazing dreams because of the fucked up & hauntingly beautiful images i saw in this motion picture. Because it is full of amazing shots....but as beautiful as it is at times, it is equally as dark, there is one scene towards the end that is rather tough to watch, but that was the intention, this film has balls & is innovative, even if the plot is the Prisoner meets Shutter Island, it does so with a twist!

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