Thursday, February 9, 2017

John Wick CHapter 2

Whoa....and not a Keanu Reeve whoa, a whoa i give, cause i say whoa in these things all the, Whoa, that one was for Keanu! Holy shit, this is how you do a sequel! It was more insane than the first, the fighting & shootouts seemed more stylized, seeing it in theatres you could feel the gun shots in the vibrations. You want the plot? John Wick kills people, much like the first one, and honestly, I don't know which one i liked better! From the first scene we are tossed in to this chaotic world of assassins & crime, all in vibrant colors & blood mixed in with the black suits, from there we get introductions of the main villain, shit blows up, vengeance is to be served, and we know exactly what the fuck to expect, 90 minutes of beautiful violence, holy fuck is this a beautiful film! The set design, costume design & sound are all amazing and does the cast justice, this may not be an actors film, but everyone is having fun, and it translates to the audience. I was worried the film may have been tame after the last one, to appease critics, but nope, it went all out, balls to the wall, blood on the screen, jizz in your pants!

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