Sunday, February 12, 2017

Favorite Films of 2016

1. Green Room
One of the most intense films in recent years, Anton Yelchin is fantastic in this, and will be missed, i would have loved to have seen him & Jeremy Saulnier to continue to work together.

2. Rogue One
It may not be Force Awakens, but this flick gets better every day, and it isn't nostalgia, the second time i saw it, it was just as good!

3. LaLa Land
Possibly the best film of 2016, gorgeous film, great music, i hope it sweeps the awards!

4. Swiss Army Man
Super emotional & though provoking film, Paul Dano & Daniel Radcliffe are perfect!

5. Monster Calls
I teared up a few times, it works as a great coming of age film, a depressing drama, brilliant animation & fantasy!

6 Neon Demon
Easily the most beautiful film of the year, par none! Oh and has the ballsiest ending for a theatrical film in years!

7. Nice Guys
The wittiest film of the year!

8. 10 Cloverfield Lane
A sequel that isn't really a sequel, and is actually better than the first! John Goodman does the best acting of 2016 in this film!

9. Sing Street
I loved the songs in Once but this is perfect! I loved it, great coming of age flick, goes deep in to relationships, friendships & ones art, perfect film!

10. Jungle Book
My favorite Disney Animated film is the Jungle Book, this flick is actually a wonder if only for the visuals but if you love the cartoon, i hope you love this!

11. TMNT Out of the Shadows
This flick made me totally re-fall in love with the Turtles, to me it was a adaptation of the cartoon.

12. Star Trek Beyond
Easily the most episodic feeling episode of any of the Trek films!

13. Phantasm Ravager
I don't know all what happened, but i enjoyed every minute! I adore this franchise!

14. Hectic Knife
Low budget done right, trash cinema in a hilarious way, meta all the way.

15.Hell or High Water
Bad ass flick, great shoot outs, glad it is getting award attention.

16..Edge of 17
Most John Highes esque film in years, YEARS!

17. Doctor Strange
Best Marvel film since Guardians of the Galaxy.

18. Civil War
To me the Marvel films are beginning to feel the same, which isn't a bad thing, hell so many of the Friday the 13ths feel the same, but you expect more from Marvel. I think they need more daring directors. Fun flick though!

19. Nerve
Fun, fun fucking flick! Great concept and totally surprised me!

20. Hush
Best slasher film in a few years!

21. Morris From America
Much like Edge of 17, another great coming of age

22. 2Lava2Lantula & Sharknado the Fourth Awakens(Tie)
Stupid ass film yet brilliant film, hardcore meta. Not the best in the series but a blast to watch!

23. War Dogs
A lot hate this, i loved it. So many said it was a disgrace for Todd Phillips to homage Martin Scorsese, fuck that noise, the dude is trying to grow, and made his best film!

24. Mr Right
The best script Max Landis has written, Sam Rockwell is the shit in here as is  THE Anna Kendrick.

25.  Southbound
A film that all aspiring horror filmmakers should watch.

26 They Look Like People
This is the type of film folks that say there is nothing on Netflix need to watch, look for the smaller flicks!

27. Hardcore Henry
High concept, great concept and a cool fucking flick!

28. Keanu
A comedy version of John Wick but with a cat? Sold! Underrated film from last year!

29. Don't Think Twice
Possibly the best film about comedy, atleast about improv.

30 Fundamentals of Caring
I love road films, and this film has a great cast, and a cast that brings so much life to the quirky characters!

31. Return of the Caped Crusaders
Best animated film of last year, if you are not a fan of the 60's series, don't bother!

32. Batman v Superman & Suicide Squad(Tie)
Sure they may not have been perfect, and both are heavily flawed but i enjoyed both, but get tighter scripts, also ugh, fuck that Joker.

33. Live By Night
Ben Affleck had huge shoes to fill after Argo, is this as good? Hell no, but i think it is a decent second place!

34 The Accountant
It isn't quite John Wick but this is a fun shoot em up! I think critics wanted a Oscar bait motion picture but instead got a B Movie.

335. Imperium
This film should be nominated for awards in acting, directing and best picture, criminally overlooked.

336. Patterson
Jim Jarmusch's best film in over a decade!

37. The Shallows
If it were not for the ending, this film would rank so much higher!

38 Magnificent 7
You know what? I think i like this almost as well as the first remake, almost!

39. Demolition
Best Jake Gyllenhaal performance in a while(and that is saying something)

40. Midnight Special
Pretty much a non remake remake, of Starman!

41. Yoga Hosers
Not a perfect Kevin Smith film, i mean none that aren't in the Askewniverse are, but this was a lot of fun. He is still better than this!

42. Blue Jay
Great indie, brilliant dialogue, very heartfelt!

43. Deadpool
I think i found myself anti Deadpool because of everyone jizzing over it, but fuck that, this is a fun flick.

44. The Purge Election Year
Not quite as good as the previous installment(which was on my top 5 that year) but still a fun ride! Hope the next one is nothing but chaos as a prequel. Like a year one!

45. Conjuring 2.
Not the masterpiece the first was, but still better than most theatrical horror films.

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