Sunday, February 5, 2017

Santa Clarita Diet

Whoa, this is a fun fucking show. Some hate comedic zombies, but this here isn't a zombie show per se. Drew Barrymore dies, comes back to life and needs to eat flesh, that is about it, other than that, she is a normal human, a normal human that happens to be married to Timothy Olyphant and he happens to help kill people for her to eat. I have had a crush on Drew since i was little, and it continues in this, she is funny & charming and very sexy in it. Olyphant is fantastic, his comedic timing is perfect here. Their daughter played by Liv Hewson, is a new crush(shush it, she is 21 in real life), great comedic timing, super cute, spunky, she will hopefully have a great career! Her best friend/boy crushing on her/next door neighbor is the nerdy Skyler Gisondo, and he gives a sweet & humorous performance. Even the recurring characters & guest stars shine. You care for the characters, laugh when you need to, and are wowed by the gore. A lot of reviews are hating it for  the gore factor, fuck that noise, it is a horror series, get used to it! The show ends  in a cliff hanger of sorts, and leaves you wanting more. If we must wait 2 years, so be it, but i am stoked for more episodes! It is pretentious, it is fast paced, in today's television climate of shows trying too hard, this is a breath of fresh air and how a sitcom & a fun horror show should be.

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