Sunday, February 12, 2017

Death Race 2050

Fuck yes, over the top action films are back! Roger Corman is also back, him producing got me excited for this, and the film didn't let down. Fuck the remakes, this is a sequel we should have had in the 80s but it is even better now, as it feels like a love letter! Remake by way of a sequel sort of thing. Boobs, gore, dark humor, everything you should want in a B Movie, an Action movie. I wish it would have had a theatrical run, as this would have been awesome to catch on the big screen, but alas it is streaming on Netflix, so check it out. The satire is there, and in today's climate, satire is good, so earn your points and enjoy the film for whatever reason, satire, comedy, action, whatever, it hits all the right notes!

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