Thursday, February 23, 2017

Get Out

2017, how I love you, so far there have been 5 films this year that have been awesome. For this early in the year, that is fantastic. From now on, January & February will no longer be considered dump months, look at the reviews for Split, Lego Batman, John Wick 2, look at the money they made, hell this weekends Get Out is currently sitting at a 100%. The film is fucking amazing, it starts off in a classic horror way, from there we get to know the leads, and then we enter her family, the whites that seem to have a lot of black servants. I predicted the twists at the start, but that did not ruin my enjoyment. Bradley Whitford & Catherine Keener are great in this, their son, Caleb Landry Jones runs with his role, Allison Williams does her best acting yet, way better than Girls(except her ass eating scene). The lead, Daniel Kaluuya, is super charming in this, i have been a fan of his since Sicario, and and re watched his work in Kick Ass 2 and saw his episode of Black Mirror, dude is destined to be a star! Through his acting you legit feel his nerves, anxiety, paranoia and fear. His best friend, LiRel Howery, steals the show, the dude blends humor in such a great way that it doesn't distract you from the horror. And this is a horror film, a legit creepy one, one that makes you think, i wonder if this could happen. Jordan Peele i love, i loved Key & Peele plus on interviews, the dude is a legit nerd, and this film is directed to perfection, the camera moves in great ways, the edits & sound mixing add a lot to the film and at times it feels like a 70s horror film, but not in a throwback sort of way. The font on the opening credits geeked me out, the score is perfect, and the imagery is at times simple and other times surreal, yet all brilliant! This is the sort of horror film Kevin Smith should aspire to make, nay the type of film anyone should aspire to make!

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