Sunday, February 12, 2017

Justice League Dark

What the fuck? The past few years DC has been delivering solid animated films, so solid that i decided to start putting them on my year end lists, but last year's Killing Joke was pretty bad, sure we got Return of the Caped Crusaders, but that was a tongue in cheek 66 inspired film. The other night i saw the Lego Batman movie, possibly my favorite animated film in a decade or so, if not longer, but again, tongue in cheek. Most of the Batman comic inspired animated films have had dark undertones, Dark Knight Returns being the best of the bunch, Killing Joke had the R rating, but it did nothing with it, it also did nothing with the script, but compared to Justice League Dark, it is a masterpiece. Constantine is awfully boring in this, Zatanna is dull as fuck, Swampthing is perfect, and i hated Batman. THe story makes Suicide Squad look like a Wes Anderson script, this is easily the worst thing DC has done since the live action Green Lantern.

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