Monday, February 6, 2017

Royal Rumble Matches Ranked

It has now been a week since the Roman Rumble, oops, i mean the Royal Rumble, damn you number 30. Well here is a ranking of the matches, starting with my personal favorite!

This was a perfect Rumble, the star power alone gave it a huge feel, Undertaker, Kane, Big Show, The Rock, Steve Austin, Rikishi, it was loaded with main eventers. The mini hardcore rumble was fun, Kane destroying everyone was brilliant, his reunion with his brother was well done, Austin beign assaulted and coming back to win the whole thing, great storytelling!

Who won this one? I am still not sure, Big Show got eliminated by someone. Seriously though, Benoit was a wonder in this match, the in ring work along makes this one of the best.

This ranks high for two reasons, The Undertaker & Shawn Michaels, the final two was almsot a mini match, and a foreshadowing of the Mania classics.

The returns of Mr. Perfect & Goldust, the gimmick revivals of  the Godfather & Val Venis, the big fight feel of HHH vs Steve Austin, pretty much a perfect Rumble!

Rumble debuts of many legends, Brock Lesnar, John Cena, Batista, Rey Mysterio, Eddie Guerrero, and it shows how great & underrated the Ruthless Aggression era was.

The coming out party of John Cena & Batista, ignore the spotty finish with Vince, everything leading up to it, and taking place after was terrific!

Another great Ruthless Aggression Rumble, and one that has a lot of heart. The Rey victory almost tear jerking, sure i wanted Matt Hardy to win, but sadly that wish was DELETED!

Yep, the best in a decade, well over a decade, sure we knew HHH would win but there was that hope that Dean Ambrose was going to pull it off! Oh and i marked the fuck out hardcore for AJ Styles!

One of the most underrated Rumbles, plus the return/victory of Edge cemented it!Plus CM Punk's mic work was amazing!

There is something about Madison Square Garden, so when Jimmy Snuka & Roddy Piper had their showdown, and the rest of the stars in the ring let them duke it out and show respect, you know it was a special novelty. Hell even MSG popped for the return of Cena!

Ric Flair vs Shawn Michaels, yep, it happened here, Flair steals the show, and steals the victory, along with the WWF title!

Say what you want about the 40 man Rumble but the anticipation of the Corre vs the Nexus(a feud that never happened) the blowout of CM Punk vs Cena, hell pretty much everything Punk in this match was great. The false finish with Santino Marella was perfect!

This is a Rumble that gets better on repeated viewings, the story of HHH vs Legacy was hinted at, as it was the Mania main event and was the focal point. Sadly the rest of the year was rather bland.

Fuck you, i like it, Austin vs McMahon, Austin vs the Corporation, The Corporation vs DX, stars like Edge making their Rumble debut, this was jsut a fun Mania.

MSG, you did it again, this was the Rock's Rumble, but besides that, it was alot of fun, the run ins by Kai En Tai & the Mean Street Posse became overdone but serves their point, the dance off with Too Cool marked me out as a 12 year old(fuck i feel old) and a tease at what type of monster in the Rumble that Kane would become.

Fuck Roman at number 30, but other than that, i highly enjoyed this years Rumble, sure Taker, Brock & Goldberg were kind of wasted, but it is all to build the bigger picture, fuck it we had Tye Dillinger!

I didn't watch it live, but listened to it on scramble, and knowing Austin won, was golden for me. Watching it now, it is underated, the shit with Mick Foley & Terry Funk was fun, Foley entering three times was a great idea, the ring pausing to take out Austin was perfect, i am highly nostalgic for 1998 in general!

This was a VHS go to for me, they lacked star power but i loved the feel of this one(actually loved the undercard) plus in a way, it was the first where the winner faced the champion, though not intended.

A lot of jobbers in this, a lot of talent that didn't deserve to be in there, but Stone Cold Steve Austin single handedly saved this match.

The match should have been won by Chris Jericho, even though i was hoping for Kofi Kingston(i hope for him every year) but i think the mvp was the Miz!

First with a screwy finish but Bret Hart & Lex Luger were both treated as stars.

Sure it screwed over Daniel Bryan, but the Shield told the story, the hints at their split, the rise of Roman Reigns, ugh, fuck it, he should have got the upset win, and gone on to be a badass, instead of the joke he is today.

The final 4 was one of the best, sure i may not be big on three of em, but Ziggler was in the final four! As for Cena, Ryback & Sheamus, it was the three babyfaces WWE wanted you to cheer so that alone felt huge!

Roman fucking Reigns, it was expected, but it was so forced....ugh.

Warrior vs Hogan, that is all!

Rather  bland match, luckily HBK won, this entering him fully into the main event!

Terrible Rumble partipants with the exception of HBK & Davey Boy Smith, they stole the show

What a cluster fuck of a year, this Rumble match foreshadowed just how bad Mania would be.

Not much to write home about, just  a battle royal where participants came out one at a time, nothing special

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