Sunday, February 5, 2017


Jim Jarmusch is an odd one, i admire his early films but the past decade has been spotty, enter Paterson, his best in the past ten years, and one of his most simple. Simplicity is a beauty though and Jarmusch shows that, Adam Driver as the lead is a simple man, no technology, just driving his bus, and writing his poems. His girlfriend paints everything, aspires to be a county star or a cupcake baker. There is love between them, there is love of their city, it is romanticized even  though the film itself is not romantic. THe film is a poem, it is an odd film, if you study it, twins everywhere, set designs in a highly artistic & beautiful way, poems read throughout the entire film, events that at time almost feel surreal, life is beautiful, and life is art, love your friends, love what you do. For losing what you put your heart into can destroy you, and by happenstance you might just meet a peer that will set you back on the right track. This film is an athouse film to the tee, pretentious at some points but overall an experience of celluloid. Driver is such a ho hum individual in this that  when he experiences happiness it seems like a forced smile, and when he experiences sadness he just shuts down, the actor is brilliant in these hipster roles. There is a whimsy in the film that has lacked from Jamusch's films in recent years, not just a whimsy but a rawness. The more i think about the film, the more i enjoy it! Life might be repetitive, but make the most of it, don't give up on your art, for if you do, you give up on yourself.

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