Thursday, November 15, 2018

AHS Apocalypse

It's no secret my preferred seasons of AHS are Murder House and Coven, so naturally i was stoked for Apocalypse. When the first episode aired i didn't know what to think. I liked that it was different but where is the connection of seasons? Enter Michael Langdon the satanic son of Tate. Okay. Few episodes go by, all the characters die. Okay. Enter the witches. Yay! From this point we see flashbacks showing the events after Coven that lead up to the apocalypse including a stop at the hotel. The final episode ties quite a bit together but there are still alot of unanswered questions. I've said before i'm done with the show, but this crossover brought me back. I liked this more than Cult, i actually finished this, it wasn't a chore like Roanoak, it was more consistent than Hotel and Freak Show . It is no where as good as Coven but still better than Asylum, the episodes featuring the Murder House were easily my favorites, but that was easily my favorite season.

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