Thursday, November 8, 2018


Overlord starts off with your ragtag men on a mission but quickly goes for the jugular and doesn't let up for quite a while. Once it does characters that were quickly developed in the first scene fleshed out, and we get some good tension. It doesn't really go horror til about midway in, from that point it is pure bloody goodness. This flick has heart, it has humor, it has gore, characters have good dynamics, it's gory as fuck. It is a big budget B Movie, i've said that alot this year, but this year has kicked ass in film. The zombies are pretty much how Resident Evil should have booked theirs. At times i was reminded of Planet Terror with the aesthetic. I've seen my fair share of Nazploitation flicks, and especially horror themed ones, this is Nazi horror done right. It isn't splatstick like the Dead Snow flicks, it's a WW2 survival that just happens to have uber zombies in it. Sure there might be a scene or 2 that make you uneazy, but this is one of the funnest horror flicks this year. Easily the best zombie film/show since Train to Busan!

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