Friday, November 9, 2018

Killer Kate

There is a reason i avoid alot of films recommended by horror websites. Alot of time. in the case of a film like the Apostle it is hipster horror brouhaha, but alot of the time is it bottom of the barrel underground titles that are worse than most screeners. Killer Kate is a better version of a shitty screener flick, not that i don't enjoy some of those, but in this case...i didn't enjoy it. This is a terrible constructed, poorly written, contrived, horribly acted piece of shit. It has blood, but none are done in a cool effects shot, there are so many missed opportunities. I hate writing bad thoughts on a film, but ugh, fuck this movie. I felt jipped by renting youtube movies in  the past, now yet again. Alas it is the struggle of a cinephile, watch film, watch film, watch film! 

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