Saturday, November 10, 2018

The Grinch

Since i was about 13, i've waited for a Scott Mosier film.This weekend, we finally got one! It isn't the film i wanted, it isn't the film he deserves, but it was fine. I'm not a big fan of alot of CGI cartoons but i like the old Grinch, plus it is Mosier, so fuck it, why not? It was enjoyable, i didn't really laugh, but it is what i expected from Illumination. The plot is your basic Grinch story, one alot of us can relate to that get bummed during the holidays, it is better than the Ron Howard version i'll say that. It was charming, but i saw it, if i want the Grinch, i'll stick with the OG.It hit me though, in this universe, Santa doesn't exist. If he did, he would have been caught in Cindy's trap, or restored Christmas after the Grinch stole. So Whoville is just like the rest of the world, only more jolly, i get it, i like it, they got rid of Trump! It's 2021 in Whoville, the Grinch just has anxiety and wants to be left alone with his dvd collection!

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