Thursday, November 22, 2018

Creed 2

By time the Rocky franchise hit Rocky IV,  it had already morphed into a slick,  big budget mirror of the 80s filled with excess. Creed(and 2006s Rocky Balboa before that) brought back the story and more serious nature of the first two. Creed 2 continues that tradition yet brings in elements of Rocky III and IV.  Apollo Creed's over the top theatrics are brought in to Adonis' Mania entrances,  but injecting more human nature in with his family and Rocky himself.  There is alot of heart in this film.  The Drago's are perfect heels here,  they make Viktor to be a beast,  yet he and Ivan are both torn.  If there is a third I'll be stoked,  but it ends perfectly,  so if it dies, it dies.

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