Friday, July 17, 2015

Ant Man *contains spoilers*

Well the troubled production that was Ant Man has finally come to theatres and i enjoyed it, it was a fun & light flick, probably the lightest Marvel has made, not saying their others are super heavy, but in scope they are huge, and not saying this one lacks subtext, it just seems like a film Marvel was like hey, lets just make a fun comic flick. They constantly deliver, and this here is no different, the cast is good as usual, the plot, while contrived, never feels dull. The movie has a fast pace and knows when & how to use humor. Paul Rudd & Adam McKay wrote a fine script, but i wonder how much of it came from Edgar Wright's draft, as it was deemed unfit for Marvel. I really, truly wish Wright had done this, would have been quite epic in my eyes, but then again Wright is my favorite working director, The scene with the Falcon at first felt like a cheap way of having the characters cross paths, but it lead to a heist that was needed but more importantly planted seeds for Civil War. The mid & post credit scenes laid the ground work, and well, it seems to be what Marvel does, they eat the pussy in every flick, every flick is foreplay for the next big one, this being foreplay for Avengers: Civil War, oops i mean Captain America: Civil War.In a way it loses the meaning of the films but in others it makes them strong building blocks for the future, Marvel/Disney knows what they are doing and Ant Man did what it needed to do, it entertained all while setting up Phase 3.

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