Sunday, July 26, 2015


Boxing films are always about the underdog, Rocky, Raging Bull, The Fighter, Million Dollar Baby, sure they may not be the underdog in the ring but they have flaws and personal problems that hold them back. In Southpaw it is no different, Billy Hope(Jake Gylenhaal)  is an undefeated fighter that came from an orphanage, he is married to the love of his life and has a sweet little girl. As shown in the trailer, he loses his wife, then winds up losing his money, his daughter & his manager(to the man that started the events that killed Hope's wife). You really feel bad for him, the dude can be a fuck up but he is trying to improve himself, as usual Gylenhaal delivers a knockout(*rimshot*) performance and is on fire following his best(Nightcrawler). We need the underdog, we don't want a movie about an asshole that has everything in life and nothing bad happens to them, hell if we did many people would identify with him for the most jealous of reasons or people wold begin to hate themselves as they see bit of the character in them. We need the underdog, and boxing flicks are one of the best outlets for this trope.

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